Nächste Veranstaltungen

Mittwoch 28. August 2019

- Date, place: Wednesday August 28 2019, Langhans Auditory Pathology, University Hospital Bern - Topic: «Diabetes» - Program: program_2019-06-10.pdf - Poster: sphsd_2019_poster.pdf

Freitag 30. August 2019

Referent: Martin Held, PhD; Senior Scientist/Bioprocess Laboratory D-BSSE / ETHZ Thema: «A survey over antimicrobial peptides and microbial formulations: Stimulation of a scientific discussion about potential therapeutic applications»

Freitag 27. September 2019

Referentin: Colette Andree, PhD; Swiss Headache Society/ Migraine Action Switzerland Thema: «Monoclonal antibodies  in migraine – how good are we really?»

Freitag 25. Oktober 2019

Referentin: Miriam Nachi (Stéarinerie Dubois) Thema: «Solubilization of APIs in Esters»